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On average, how many hours per week do you spend sitting at your laptop {{answer_X1wMSUStQjSb}}?

How often do you use a screen raiser, external keyboard and external mouse with your laptop?

How many hours a day do you use on all gadgets (e.g. laptop, desktop, smartphone, TV, tablet) on average?

{{answer_X1wMSUStQjSb}} has anyone ever told you that you have poor posture? Do you ever catch yourself slumping or see your hunched reflection in a cafe window?

How many times a week do you exercise on average?

How many different forms of exercise do you participate in each week on average? (E.g. two walks, two swims and a yoga class each week equals three different forms.)

How balanced is your life in general?

This refers to getting regular and adequate sleep, eating a healthy diet and having mental breaks from work activities through hobbies etc.

What best describes the way you most commonly transport your laptop?

What best describes the volume of time you spend carrying your laptop, on average?

Thank you so much for completing the Injury Risk Indicator {{answer_X1wMSUStQjSb}}. Your score is {{var_score}}
This guide will give you an indication about what this means for your health as a laptop user. Please check your email for a record of these results.

9-20 Low health risk
Congratulations, you have obviously put some great habits in place to minimise your risk of injury due to your laptop lifestyle.

21-33 Medium health risk
There are some aspects of your laptop life that may create a health risk for you, so you may find information on ergonomics and safe laptop use to be useful.

34-45 High health risk
With your current lifestyle and usage, there is a high likelihood that over time, your laptop lifestyle may cause you injury.
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