Embracing technology in your health business not only allows you to provide a higher quality service, it also means that you can run your business more efficiently and cost effectively. Complete this audit tool to see where your digital strategy can be improved, to ensure the future success of you and your health service.
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What is your health profession {{answer_38390595}}?

Do you have a website for your {{answer_39836283}} service?

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Can you instantly list the 3 words that define the Brand Essence of your business?

Do you have access to your business logo in all different file formats?

Do you have jpg, eps, png and pdf versions of your logo, plus a version for a dark background, a thumbnail image and a favicon?

Do you know the CMYK, RGB and hex codes for the colours that appear in your branding?

{{answer_38390595}} can you name a specified font that you use for all design and documents related to your business?

Do you have access to a bank of high quality photos of your business, your team and the types of activities that you do?

Minimum 10 images

Do you have a bank of articles on your website covering each the main conditions that you treat?

Minimum 10

Have you created a range of videos?

Eg minimum of 5-7 x 1-5 minute videos

Do you have a list of logos on your website of the media coverage you have received, or the brands you have worked with?

Minimum 10.

{{answer_38390595}} do you have a gift of value to give your patients or potential patients for free, without anything required in return?

Do you have an information based product on your website - free in exchange for their email - to compel people to sign up to your database even if they have not been to your clinic?

Have you created other products to sell on your website and to your patients?

Eg. online courses

Do you have a core product or package to sell in your business valued at over $1000?

Do all of your new patients receive an automated series of 3-5 emails over 4-8 weeks introducing you, your clinic, your specialities and team?

Do all of your patients receive regular updates on what your clinic is up to?

Eg. monthly minimum

Do you have 2-3 active social media channels that are relevant for your target audience?

Active = 10-12 posts in the last 3 months

Do you have an ‘All-star’ rated linked in profile?

Can your patients book and alter appointments themselves online?

Do your patients leave their initial consultation with a detailed written or digital plan, personalised just for them?

Can your patients have a consultation with you when you or they are travelling?

Can your patients still receive treatment from you if they move interstate or overseas?

Have you documented all of the processes that occur in your business, ?

Could someone brand new complete any required task correctly without you being there?

Are you able to share share access to your accounts with your team without actually revealing your passwords, and with the ability to safely and instantly revoke their access at any time?

Can you control who has access to what procedural information? (Eg front desk info vs clinical info vs pay and financial)

Do you have a virtual staffroom for general staff communication?

Thanks {{answer_38390595}}, all done. Your score is {{var_score}}.

0 - 12: Lots of room for improvement. The great news is that there are a number of cost effective tech solutions you can quickly put into place to improve your score and health business.   
13-24: You are starting out on your tech journey - well done. There is still room for improvement though, so keep moving forward.   
25-36: You are embracing technology in your health business and it should be paying dividends. Focus on the 'No' and 'Kind of' areas to improve even more.  
37-48: You have a very tech savvy health business and should be mighty proud of yourself. Keep up the great work.   

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