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How old are you?

How many hours per week at work do you spend sitting on average?

How many hours a day do you use gadgets (e.g. computer, smartphone, TV, Playstation) on average?

How many hours per week do you spend doing physical manual labour? (E.g. gardening, carpentry, concrete laying, digging, furniture removals.)

How many hours per week do you spend doing repetitive activity with your upper body? (E.g. typing, knitting, knife chopping, pruning, cutting hair, massaging people)

{{answer_37367236}}has anyone ever told you that you have poor posture? Do you ever catch yourself slumping or see your hunched reflection in a shop window?

Have you ever been diagnosed with scoliosis or Schuermann’s Disease?

How many times a week do you exercise on average?

How many different form of exercise to you participate in each week on average? (E.g. two walks, two swims and a yoga class each week equals three different forms.)

What is your approach to getting back into exercise after a break of greater than one month?

How consistent are you with your exercise {{answer_37367236}}?

What is the state of your running/ sport shoes?

Do you have either flat feet or high arches?

Stand facing a mirror with your feet hip width apart, do a small squat keeping your back straight and your heels on the floor. What can you see?

Stand on one leg and balance without holding onto anything or touching the other foot down (make sure you are near a wall or bench to use for safety if you overbalance). How long can you balance for? (Test both legs and use the worst score.)

Standing on one leg and keeping a straight knee, how many calf raises can you do? (One calf raise per second, lightly touch a wall or bench for balance.) Test both legs and take the worst score.

When you bend over and run your hands down your legs keeping your knees straight, how far can you reach?

What happens when you lift your arms right up over your head?

What is your previous history of injuries?

What range does your BMI fall into? (Divide your weight in kilos by your height in metres squared [kg/m2].)

Divide your weight in kilos by your height in metres squared [kg/m2], or visit the BMI calculator here : www.mydr.com.au/tools/bmi-calculator

Have you had a baby or had abdominal surgery?

For the purpose of assessing injury risk, 'having a baby' refers to being pregnant with a baby for 6 months or greater. Males, just ignore the baby bit, just count abdominal surgeries!

How stressful is your life in general?

This refers your own interpretation of stress, ie how stressed you feel, regardless of actual events or circumstances.

Thank you so much for completing the Injury Risk Indicator {{answer_37367236}}. Your score is {{var_score}}
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